Online Safety

Staying Safe While Sexting:

13020723_lSome basics for online safety:

Making sure that you’re safe while you online talking to strangers is an important part of sexting. It may actually be the most important part. If you know someone who is unsafe while they’re sexting please let them know about your concerns. This is what you should know about online safety.

Bring up some of these points to them and make sure they tell you who the people are that they’re talking to for their own safety. Be the friend that saves lives and looks out for the well being of others. You’d be surprised at how often people become victims of online predators and no one ever knows what happened in the end. Give your friend a chance and insist that they use safety precautions while sexting with people they don’t know. Make sure they do not give out any personal information.


Staying safe while sexting is very important. We’re living in a day and age where everyone and everything is accessible by means of the internet. Not everything is what it seems. You can hide behind a computer screen with complete anonymity if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t however, you can become a victim or cyber bullying, cyber stalking or maybe even worse. Here are some things you can do to help keep yourself safe when socializing with strangers online:

Stay Safe Online

  1. Don’t give out your personal information! Giving someone your first name is good enough, they don’t need your middle and last names. Giving someone you don’t know your address is a foolish thing to do and should be avoided at all costs. Social networking sites help a lot with avoiding giving people your phone number.
  2. Don’t talk about private matters! – Mentioning what school your kids go to is a terrible idea. This gives the person you’re talking to a general idea of where you live and not to mention puts your kids in danger. You’d be surprised at the information someone can get out of a simple statement such as what the mascot is at your kids’ school.
  3. Don’t talk about your past! – Talking about what school you went to college at or what neighborhood you grew up in can give a predator the advantage of finding out more about you. Such as looking up the class you graduated in and last know address. They can find family member from what seems like such a small piece of information. These are the kinds of things you really want to be careful of.
  4. Always let someone you trust know what’s happening! – If you decide to take this public and go on a date, let a close friend or family member know! That could potentially save your life if faced with someone who has something other than your well being in mind. When sexting with someone you don’t know, tell your friend the guys name and all the information they give you so if something happens someone else has the information to take to the police. Sending them a photo of the person is a great idea also.


Common sense is a widely under-used phenomenon. Using common sense can really help when sending nude photos to a complete stranger. Like sending photos that show your tattoos, those are identifying marks and can help someone track you down.¬†Let’s be real, you’d like to think that every person you encounter is trustworthy and honest but that just isn’t the case. The man or woman you’re texting could very well be in a relationship or have much darker secrets to hide.

Who Are You Sending Those Nudes To?

Say the person you’re sexting with has a girlfriend or a boyfriend and their significant other finds out about the sexting. They’re probably going to be fairly upset. This could potentially end their relationship which wouldn’t feel very good to you knowing you’re the cause. Ask first! Make sure they at least claim to be single so you’re not at fault for the affair. There is however, a much more dangerous scenario concerning this predicament.

Stay Safe Online


What happens if the significant other gets so angry that they start to personally attack you online? You’ve already told the person you were sexing what schools you went to and about the neighborhood corner store you often visit. This leads the angry S/O right to your door step and a fight ensues. Now you’re headed down tot he police station with a black eye and being questioned. You have to tell them about the affair and everything you know about it. It doesn’t seem like the best situation in the world — because it isn’t.

So let’s stay on our toes and make sure that we’re safe in every endeavor. Stay Safe, stay classy. Fun is always fun until it turns to brutality and hatred.