Sexy Photos

Taking The Sexiest Photos

13537699_1363535936997206_3001022557601778607_nFor the Ladies:

Taking sexy photos is an essential part of sexting. What you’re doing is showing the other person exactly what you have to offer while making yourself incredibly appealing. I think it’s a good idea to start off slowly, start with cute innocent photos and work your way up to the “golden” shot.

Showing just a little bit of cleavage at first is a great step, make them want more. Make them wait for it. If they want it bad enough they’ll start bartering with you for more shots getting just a little more intimate each time. You don’t want to give it away all at once. The second step should be just a little more skin. show them more of what they want but demand something in return. They’ll be ready to see more and so will you! You generally shouldn’t send a photo with out a little bit of text. You can keep it simple and be just fine. Something along the lines of, “Wanna see more?”. It’s interesting, it’s teasing and it’s definitely going to get a response.

At some point you’re going to send a fully nude photo. This is a critical stage for a few reasons. Below we listed a few reasons as to why it’s a critical part of sexting:

  1. It boosts self esteem! – Seriously, it makes you feel really good about yourself when you have someone on the other end wanting more and thinking you’re super sexy. You feel like a brand new person and you’re ready for anything! Don’t knock it until you try it because the self esteem boost alone is worth taking up sexting.
  2. We have said this a million times and we will say it a million more THERE’S NO RISK! What better way to get off than taking no risk at all? No pregnancy risk, no STD risk, no commitment at all. It’s a beautiful thing and we’re rather excited about that.
  3. This goes with number one with a subtle difference. It helps with your self worth. It may sound redundant but give us a chance to explain – It boosts your self worth in the real world, your self confidence. All of a sudden you’re finding it easier to go talk to the guy you’ve had your eye on for the last few weeks at the bar. You start believing that you’re a sex vixen and it helps you act the part also.

For the Gentlemen

Taking photos of your body is fairly self explanatory. Take charge and start the conversation first though. Ladies are self conscious about coming off as too clingy so taking the first step and initiating the first part of the conversation works much better. One of the best things you can do when sexting with a girl is make sure she knows that you like it. If you don’t like it, don’t continue the conversation, end it as respectfully as you can. Some of the things you can do to let her know that you like it is texting her things like,  “You’re so gorgeous” or “I can’t WAIT to see more!”

Make sure that the photos that you send compliment your manly form. Take notice to what she comments on, if she compliments your arms for instance, put more of your biceps in your photos. She digs it and wants more, trust us.